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Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean's Nightlife

From upscale bars to uninhibited dance clubs, the nightlife of Cancun knows how to party

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Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean Nightlife

While Cancun certainly shines during the day, upon nightfall the city comes alive with a bustling scene of music, dancing, and entertainment. Many find themselves beginning the festivities during the day at Cancun’s Hotel Zone by enjoying poolside cocktails and happy hours at the countless bars that dot the cityscape. After a day spent exploring the activities and attractions of this Caribbean destination, prepare yourself for another round of fun with Cancun’s infamous nightlife. Whether you’re into live bands, carefree dancing or delicious food and drinks, you’ll find yourself drawn into the celebration that comes alive after the sun sets.


The people of Cancun take partying very seriously, and their nightclubs reflect this festive lifestyle. Many clubs are located within hotels, but you can find a wide selection throughout the city. If you plan on heading out to a nearby club, be prepared for long lines and hefty cover charges. Those seeking to dance the night away should head to CoCo Bongo. This venue has righteously earned the reputation of being the best place to party in Cancun, largely due to its themed shows, hip crowd, pumping music and sprawling dance floor. At Dady’O, patrons will be delighted with a combination of live music, DJs, a full bar, a large dance floor and even a buffet. This venue has been home to events for MTV and Playboy, and is known to draw in a younger crowd.

...electronic music, impressive lightshows and wild dancing.


Looking for a party that remains unaffected by the setting or rising of the sun? Check out The City, which is one of the largest nightclubs in Cancun. This venue is uniquely open both day and night, transforming its look with the different lightings. During the daytime, guests are invited to lounge poolside at The City’s Beach Club that features comfortable cabanas and a wide selection of food and beverages. When the night falls, The City morphs into a club with thumping electronic music, impressive lightshows and wild dancing. This nightclub is known for attracting many celebrities.


Those looking to indulge in the nightlife scene without dealing with crowded clubs should check out the bars in Cancun. These facilities offer all the fun of drinking, socializing and music without being over the top. A popular hotspot is Bling, a chic lounge that features cocktails, a sushi bar and a grand outdoor terrace. For an upscale experience, head to La Madonna for mellow music, delicious food and more than a hundred different types of martinis. The Lobby Lounge is another tasteful venue where classy folks gather to enjoy a relaxing cocktail and a wide selection of Cuban cigars. Tasteful wine, liquor and cigars can be savored while overlooking downtown Cancun at Very Wine in Plaza Caracol. Additionally, many restaurants are equipped with fully stocked bar areas that become popular during the evenings as an alternative party location, such as the Hard Rock Café and T.G.I. Fridays.

An excellent suggestion is the Bar Hopper Tour, which allows travelers to get an eclectic taste of the Cancun bar scene in a convenient manner. For the price of a single ticket, guests are transported by air-conditioned bus to three different venues, including Senor Frogs, Congo Bar and CoCo Bongo. Patrons get to skip any lines there may be to enter the bar, and spend approximately one hour at each location. In addition to transportation and express entry, every individual receives a complimentary drink at each of the bars. Tickets for this package may be purchased through a number of travel agencies in Cancun.

Live Music

Many travelers find themselves yearning to enjoy an evening while listening to live music. A variety of venues frequently featured live performances, like O’Dady and CoCo Bongo, but for a guaranteed night of musical stylings, visitors should check out Mambo Café. This club showcases a live Cuban band every night, and local dancers always accompany the performances. Mambo Café even offers salsa-dancing classes on Thursday evenings for guests looking to bring home some Cancun flavor. At Azucar, guests will find live performances by a variety of Latin American bands. The Parque de las Palapas has a widely ranging selection of performers from jazz musicians to local Caribbean bands, and guests may enjoy the music for free while socializing and dancing with locals. Salsa music is best enjoyed at Sabor Latino, which also offers dance lessons.

Those with less discerning taste in music will enjoy the Bulldog Café, which frequently hosts shows by well-known rock bands like Radiohead. Many young people come to the Bulldog Café for their all-you-can-drink bar special and their infamous Jacuzzi bikini girls. This venue is also known for their large screen projections and exciting laser light spectacles.

If you find yourself in Cancun during the months of April and March, prepare yourself for a truly raging celebration as Spring Breakers pour into the city to party. For some, this is great news, but for others the prospect of visiting Cancun during its peak season of ruckus sounds like a nightmare.

If you plan on participating in the nightlife scene, be sure to plan your vacation wisely to suit your lifestyle. From wild nightclubs to classy martini bars, the nightly scene in Cancun is sure to have you celebrating until the wee hours of the morning.


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