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Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean's Telephone Services

From collect calling to signing online, telephone services in the Mexican Caribbean are reliable

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Despite a range of telephone services available in Mexico, prices remain relatively stable from service to service. Hotels, as always, will charge more than any other long-distance service, even if the call is not completed. If dialing a local number, make sure that the hotel charges are reasonable in comparison to phone services that are set up along the street.

Long Distance Calling

Long distance calling is usually the least expensive at Casetas de Larga Distancia (TelMex agencies). These centers allow you to pay for the call in cash or call collect for a small fee. Due to problems in the past, many casetas now require all long distance calls to be collect, so be sure to ask if this will be the case for your call.

Another option is to purchase a Ladatel phone card, which can be found at various locations and in varying denominations throughout the Mexican Caribbean. Insert the card into a Ladatel public phone, and the amount of credit available will show on a small screen. After making the call, the cost will automatically be deducted from the value of the card, and the screen will show the remaining balance.

When giving out numbers to relatives and friends, remember the international access code from North America is "011" and Mexico's country is "052." When dialing, dial the international access code + country code + provincial area code + the local number.


Faxes can be sent from any private postal service, as well the public post office. Additionally, any Caseta de Larga Distancia will offer this service. Look to pay around $2(USD) per page plus any long distance charges associated with the fax.

Internet Access

Internet access is quite costly but widely available throughout the Mexican Caribbean. Hotels charge approximately $10(USD) per hour for dial-up access in rooms and lobbies, depending on the hotel. Local Internet cafes charge less, with prices averaging about $5(USD) an hour.

A vacation in the Mexican Caribbean doesn't mean you have to be disconnected from the rest of the world - unless you want to be.   There are plenty of options available that will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones, as you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


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