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Be sure to get important information about the Mexican Caribbean before you visit

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Getting Info

To truly understand the differences between Mexican destinations like Cancún and Cozumel travelers will have to do a little background research. Research begins with reading for most travelers.

The first step many travelers now take is to look online, and, if you're reading this Web site, you've taken that step. However, while general travel needs are covered here, you may be able to find out more by visiting official Web sites for Mexican tourism, as well as that of the Caribbean Tourist Organization. And, of course, Internet searches may help you find just what you're looking for.

Another online source that many travelers overlook is Internet travel vendors. Such sites offer information about hotels throughout Mexico, and can help travelers determine the difference between all-inclusives in Cancún and villas in Playa del Carmen. The amenities included in each will certainly differ, as will the style of vacation travelers will find in each location. And accommodations aren't all you'll need to choose, you can also look into airfares, cruises, and other island rentals. Island services may also have Web sites of their own, with precise information to help you make the most of your research.

Bookstores also offer travelers plenty of research options. Guidebooks and even magazines dedicated to Caribbean and world travel may offer some interesting insights. Guidebooks can be found in a section dedicated to Mexican and Caribbean travel. However, it's best to look through these guidebooks before making your purchase to help you determine exactly what you want out of a guide. Some guides are aimed at the backpacker, while others are aimed at families with children. Others are more generalized, but many will have the same or overlapping information. Picking a book includes not just content but also layout and style.

Magazines, on the other hand, provide travelers with hands-on experiences of their writers, and may offer experiences and ideas you hadn't considered. Further, online versions of such magazines may be available, so finding a magazine with a style you enjoy may provide access to more articles than what is simply available in this month's issue.

Friends and co-workers who have traveled to the Caribbean or Mexico are another , oft-forgotten resource. Their experiences will provide you with real-world advice, and friends will often tell about what went wrong as well as what went right with their trip. Their reminders might be just what you need to help plan the perfect getaway.

Again, however, travelers can turn to the Internet for similar information. Many larger Web sites have bulletin or message boards available where travelers can ask questions. While it's best to keep in mind the authority of those offering advice, many tips can help travelers find just what they need to know.

Visiting Cancún, Cozumel, and the other destinations that make up the Mexican Caribbean is a unique experience depending on which area in which you choose to stay. Doing research ahead of time will ensure that you've made the best decision possible.


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