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Attractions in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean

Cancun's attractions will keep you outdoors for most of your stay

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 Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean Attractions

Cancun's reputation as being a hot party spot is not undeserved, but there is most certainly more to the Mexican state than night clubs.  Unparalleled beaches, bountiful nature, and awe-inspiring historic sites play their role in making Cancun one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.


Lined with beaches from end-to-end, the 7-shaped stretch of land is always filled with vacationers swimming, playing, and soaking up the sun. Cancun's beaches are kept clean and pristine, as well as remarkably safe. A system of color flags is used on a daily basis to relay information about the water conditions, and military personal are also on patrol.

Weak swimmers are urged to stay on the East side of the island, where waters tend to be a bit calmer. The waters in Northern Cancun are rougher, better for surfers, body boarders, and expert swimmers who enjoy crashing through the waves.


Some of the most talked about landmarks in the entire world surround Cancun: the Mayan ruins. To make the most of exploring these impressive feats of architecture, try booking a guided tour; there are even tours that will take you to each site by bus over the course of several days. More localized landmarks include ornately built cathedrals, and the bustling downtown area.



...unique features of the island is the underwater parks...


There are so many natural attractions in Cancun that vacationers could easily spend their entire trip outdoors. One of the more unique features of the island is the underwater parks. At these parks, visitors can use snorkeling or scuba equipment to explore marine life such as coral reef, pink conch, and sea turtles. If you enjoy visiting with sea creatures, but aren't thrilled with the idea of dipping your head underwater, check out the family-friendly Interactive Aquarium instead.

Staying active while exploring the outdoors is easy and fun. Some options for energetic vacationers include horseback riding, hiking, ATV trips, biking, zip-lining, and swimming with dolphins.


Despite being a popular pastime among Caribbean vacationers, casinos are not legal in Cancun. Still, some resorts feature Casino Nights, with prizes such as gift shop bucks rather than actual money up for grabs.

Pristine beaches, fascinating historic landmarks, and breathtaking natural sites come together to provide Cancun's vacationers with a world of attractions that can't be missed. Though there are no casinos, the endless supply of sites to see and beaches to bask on will ensure that you don't feel as though you're missing out on a thing.




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