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Planning Your Trip to Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean

Travel planning may not be fun, but it will make sure your Mexican Caribbean vacation is

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Planning a Trip to Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean

Spending a vacation in Cancun, Cozumel, or any of the other beautiful spots that the Mexican Caribbean is comprised of is sure to be an unforgettable experience. What you'll find is a region unlike any other; Cancun was chosen to become Mexico's tourist Mecca, Cozumel has always been a well-known retreat, and the peninsula of Quintana Roo is extremely popular as well.

Many vacationers visit the Mexican Caribbean to experience one of Hollywood's most popular get-aways.  Others head to the area to experience some of the most significant historical architecture in the region and to explore other sites.  Whatever your reason for vacationing in the Mexican Caribbean, a little pre-trip planning will be helpful in mapping out all the important details.  Few people truly enjoy the planning portion of their trip, but with an area as diverse as this one, a little research can go a long way. 

Getting Info

Travelers should begin by simply getting information about what the Mexican Caribbean has to offer.  Travel brochures, guides, magazines, and the Internet are all great resources, and can help you to determine which sites you'd like to see, beaches you'd like to swim in, and restaurants you'd like to eat at.  If you plan to party during your entire vacation, look into where the best nightlife is, and you may even want to look into crime statistics and tips on staying safe while partying.  Those looking forward to scuba diving, hiking, or site-seeing will want to focus more on researching eco-tourism and area attractions.  

When to Go

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After you decide the type of activities you'd like to do on your trip, you may want to being planning when to go.  While many travelers are limited to when they can travel due to school holidays or pre-planned vacations from work, those who have the choice should consider when the best weather is present, how large of a crowd they feel comfortable being around, and when is the best time of year for the activities they want to participate in.  After this decision has been made, it's time to move on to the final stages of planning: budgeting and booking.


Before making any reservations or setting any plans in stone, take some time to sit down and plan your budget.  The amount of money you have to spend can mean the difference between a coach and first class flight, staying at a small locally owned hotel or a 5-star resort, the types of meals you will enjoy, and the attractions you can visit.  Be sure to include a little extra spending money for souvenirs and other unforeseeable expenses. 

Booking Your Trip

After you've figured out how much you have to spend, it is time to begin booking your trip.  Options for booking your trip include using travel agents, Internet vendors, or personally calling and making reservations yourself.   You can also use this time to make reservations for restaurants, tours, and activities.

From the hotel-lined shores of Cancun, to the lush jungles of Quintana Roo, and along the upscale coast of the Mexican Riviera, you'll find plenty of different vacation experiences to choose from.  However, without an informed decision travelers could end up in a location the opposite of what they'd been looking for.  Deciding what you'd like to get out of your travel is important, but by taking the time to research all of your options in advance, you are sure to experience the vacation of a lifetime in the Mexican Caribbean.


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