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Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean's Other Activities

You can pack your days full of activity when you vacation in the Mexican Caribbean

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Other Activities

Many vacationers head to Cancun for days spent on the beach and nights participating in the infamous party scene.  Cancun is filled with tons of other activities, from watersports to horseback riding and more.

Water Sports

Some of the most common watersports in Cancun include fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and diving, but the list doesn't stop there.  Many resorts, especially the ones located right along the beach, offer equipment for watersports free of charge to guests, and other stands exist for renters.  You can find everything from jet skis, to parasailing adventures, kayaks, boogie boards, surf boards, and more.

Kite surfing is the latest craze in Cancun's watersports scene.  An adapted surfboard is used by the participant, who uses an oversized, specially fitted kite to guide him as he crashes over and through the waves. 

Group Tours

Opportunities exist all over Cancun for group tours of the area.  You can go on walking tours of the city, shopping tours of the outdoor markets, boat tours of the coast, and hiking tours of the interior jungles.  There are even bus tours that will take you to the nearby Mayan Ruins (see our guide to Landmarks for more information on these magnificent structures).  These prepackaged tours will typically include transportation and a knowledgeable tour guide, and sometimes even a meal.

Horseback Riding

With the Cancun Mermaid Group, travelers can book an all-inclusive horseback experience, which comes complete with transportation, beverages, lunch, insurance, and of course, an unforgettable journey while riding a magnificent creature. Guides will tour you through mangrove swamps towards a tranquil beach, where patrons can relax and take a refreshing dip in the sea. This is an excellent option for traveling families.

All-Terrain Vehicles

Along with the reservation-required horseback riding packages offered by Cancun Mermaid, the facility provides an alternative that will still allow one to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. Engage in fun-filled day driving an all-terrain-vehicle, or ATV, through Cancun’s wild jungles. 

Swim with the Dolphins

At Xcaret, allowing visitors to experience close contact with exotic wildlife is a top priority. After gazing into the impressive tanks of the property’s aquarium, stun yourself by making a splash while swimming with dolphins. Adult and young dolphins alike will greet you with playful personalities and astonishing intelligence. This establishment also features a large butterfly pavilion, greenhouse filled with orchids, wildlife park and more.

Interactive Aquarium

For those looking to enjoy views of sea creatures without diving into the warm waters of the Caribbean, the Interactive Aquarium offers a great way to get in touch with Cancun’s underwater natives. This family-friendly facility invites children and adults alike to gaze in awe at bull sharks and rare seahorses; pet stingrays in touch pools and even the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Exhibits at this aquarium showcase underwater creatures living in ecosystems from the deep sea to shallow tidal pools.

Whether you tend to participate in activities on the sporty side, visiting the many attractions, or your goal is to spend your days relaxed, with so many choices, your vacation in the Mexican Caribbean will be anything but dull.


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