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Activities in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean

Whether you pack your trip filled with activities, or let the day take you where it may, Cancun has plenty to keep you busy

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Activities in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean

You can be as active as you like when visiting Cancun on your Caribbean vacation.  So many options exist that you can jam pack your schedule and go-go-go from dawn until dawn until dusk - and even party on into the night. 

Water Sports

The lure of the Caribbean Sea is almost impossible to resist. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and into the waters, both above and below the surface. Diving and snorkeling are two of the most popular activities in the whole of the Caribbean, and Cancun is no exception. By donning a mask, diving fins, and a snorkel, and floating close to the surface, anyone can catch a glimpse of Cancun's marine life. Those who want a more up close and personal look, scheduling a scuba tour might be a better idea.

Vacationers not as interested in what's going on below the surface will find that chartering a boat for a day of sailing is a great option. Sailing off the coast of Cancun offers a unique view of the shore while allowing those on board to relax in the sun, water ski, and even spend some time fishing. Charters specifically for fishing are available as well, with Cancun's experienced anglers providing tours to the top fishing sites and providing amenities such as meals and equipment.



...more than a dozen golf courses...


Getting your heart rate up has never been so fun as when it's done against the tropical backdrop of Cancun. Swimming laps and playing tennis can be done at your hotel or resort. If the place you are staying does not offer either of these activities, you can typically pay a small fee to gain access to the pool or tennis courts at another hotel.

If you can't bear to leave your clubs at home, more than a dozen golf courses make it easy to get a tee time, and most clubs offer extra amenities such as pool access, bar service, and meals included in the price of your golf package.

Don't forget about spectator sports. Soccer, baseball, and basketball are popular sports in Cancun, and getting tickets to watch local teams play is as easy as asking the concierge at your hotel. Other sporting events include PGA golf tournaments, bull fighting, and wrestling.

Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals in Cancun tend to fall into four categories: cultural, religious, music, and sports. These events offer visitors a great opportunity to get to experience the culture of Cancun locals first hand through music, dance, food, and various other cultural festivities that occur during individual events. One of the most popular celebrations is Carnaval, which is celebrated throughout the Caribbean at the beginning of each year. Click here to read more about events and festivals in Cancun.


Shopping in Cancun can range from a cultural experience to your typical day at the mall. Open air markets, such as flea markets and craft booths allow vacationers to purchase locally made wares at negotiable prices, while malls near the Hotel Zone feature deluxe boutiques with high prices. Shopping in Cancun is duty free, so don't hesitate if you find a bargain.


Your day isn't over yet! Cancun is especially known for its nightlife, with spring breakers from around the world arriving specifically for the days at the beaches and the nights filled with parties. Bars, lounges, concert venues, and clubs keep the night alive with music, dancing, and drinking. Large resorts often put on weekly (and even nightly) live performances as well. To read more about Cancun's nightlife, click here.

And that's not all. As you get out and explore Cancun, you'll likely happen upon many more activities that will probably strike your fancy. That is what's so great about a vacation in Cancun: the possibilities are endless.


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