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Get lost in the convenience and reliability of Mexico's transportation options

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Getting Around

Experiencing everything that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer means traversing the peninsula. Fortunately for vacationers, a number of pleasant transportation options are available for travel to all of the unique sights, from ancient ruins to upscale resorts. From taxis to buses, getting around has never been more enjoyable.


Taking a taxi can be a great way to see the countryside without the hassle of interpreting unfamiliar road signs or locating gas stations and parking options. However, drivers here are known for their ability to adapt to erratic local driving customs in ways that some visitors are not. While rates are good and rides are generally safe, taxis are not the best choice for anxiety-prone travelers.

Rental Cars

...getting there is half the fun.


Travelers who don't mind paying more for the convenience of their own rental car will find plenty of rental agencies, including familiar, international names as well as more economic local companies. Road conditions in the Yucatan are among the best in the country, and low speed limits and courteous drivers make driving here reasonably safe. Of course, drivers must obtain all the necessary insurance, but rates of $40(USD) per day make rental cars a very affordable option.


Buses are a good choice for visitors on a budget and those eager to experience the customs and hospitality of the local people. Many different bus lines keep fares low and routes well serviced. Plenty of stops ensure that riders are always able to disembark near their destination

"Collectivos," a distinctly Mexican version of transportation, are minivans with flexible routes that pick up many travelers going to the same destination. These can be hailed at designated stops, hotels, and even on the side of the highway.


Ferries and charter boats help visitors navigate the water. A quick, inexpensive ferry ride provides access to the gorgeous island of Cancún, while charter boats are a perfect way to enjoy the sun and sea. Adventurous vacationers can also charter a boat for deep sea fishing and scuba diving tours.  If you're planning on visiting Cozumel during your time in the Mexican Caribbean, you can do so via a ferry that runs from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel on a continual basis throughout the day, every day.  The trip costs just $1 and takes a little under an hour each way.

Bikes and Mopeds

Bikes and mopeds are widely available and are a perfect option for a day trip through the scenic countryside. In-town bicycles and scooters are a pleasant way to get back and forth to the beach, but are not practical as your primary source of transportation around the whole island. As always, wear safety gear and take general safety precautions.

All transportation options have their own rewarding advantages. No matter where your interests and curiosity lead you in the Mexican Caribbean, getting there is half the fun.


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