The Segmental Info System



Interactive Internet Websites, Inc. (IIWINC) has implemented an innovative system to help reduce the time and effort required to find the geographic-specific or topic-specific information. Known as the Segmental Information System™ or Segisys™, our system provides users with information that is tailored to their specific needs and interests.

For instance, this particular site is tailored to the needs of a vacationer planning a trip to Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. From activities and attractions to tips for booking a hotel or getting through customs smoothly, has you covered.

IIWINC strives to maintain high ethical standards. You will never be confronted with irritating pop-ups or excessive advertising, and we only do business with reputable firms. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of one of our SEGISYS sites, or with any of our advertisers or sponsors, please notify us immediately. We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions for corrections and improvements.

Thank you for visiting the Segmental Info System, and we look forward to serving you again soon!

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