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Proper research and informed decisions can help Mexican Caribbean travelers make the most of their vacation

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Making Decisions

The Mexican Caribbean is chock full of destinations that entice travelers from around the world. Whether Cancún is your style, or you'd rather place yourself in a more sedate destination, you'll find what you're looking for here. Proper research will lead you toward making a few important decisions.

Research gives you the basic knowledge you'll need to make informed decisions about which destination within the Mexican Caribbean best suits your needs, how you'll get to that area, where you'll go, and what you'll do at your final destination. This is one region of the world where there is truly something for everyone, which can make decision-making a challenge. 

Narrow Your Search

If participating in a lot of activities is your most important concern during your vacation, guidebooks and Web sites of Caribbean-focused Internet travel vendors provide plenty of information, and even ways to search by activities in various locales.  Along the Mexican Caribbean you'll find quiet bungalows in Playa del Carmen, nightlife and all-inclusive resorts in Cancún, snorkeling and diving in Cozumel, ancient ruins throughout the peninsula. Travelers who are less familiar with the areas in which a specific activity is located may have trouble finding what they're looking for, and will want to use guide books and the Internet to map out specific plans.


There are a large number of choices for visitors traveling to the Mexican Caribbean; however, most travelers choose to fly to the area. The convenient airports in Cancún and Cozumel encourage air traffic. Cruises are also a popular option, though the largest drawback to visiting by cruise is that some travelers feel that their time on land doesn't allow them the chance to see everything they'd like. Other seafaring travelers can sail their own crafts to ports in Mexico. This means travelers will have the option of traveling wherever they want for as long as they'd like. Some also choose to drive, as Mexico isn't far from the U.S. and Central America. Keep in mind that each method of transit has its own pros and cons.

On the Coast

After you've chosen between the Mexican Caribbean locations, you'll need to change your focus. Think about what specific things you'd like to do while you're there, and also where you'd like to stay. If you are interested in a wide variety of sports and activities Cancún may be the place for you, but, depending on your choice of activity, there could be plenty of other incredible options. Mayan ruins are also a popular attraction, and for interested travelers they can be the focus of the stay.

Don't forget to consider the interests of other travelers with whom you will be vacationing. Narrow down the list of hotels and attractions to ones that suit everyone's needs.  If you are traveling with family, you will want to consider where children are welcome, and what hotels offer the most family-friendly options. Meanwhile those seeing a romantic getaway for two will want to avoid locations filled with energetic tots. Some guides offer tips specifically for families, while others offer tips on budget-conscious travel and, of course, romance.

The decisions you make at home can make a big difference when you reach the Mexican Caribbean. Because of this, you'll want to take the time to make sure everything is just right.


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