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Popular Sports in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean

Some of the same sports that are popular in the U.S. have a following in the Mexican Caribbean as well

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Spectator sports are just as popular in Cancun as they are anywhere else in the world, and vacationing sports fans will find there to be plenty of possibilities to sit in on a local game.

In Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, the top three sports are baseball, soccer (called football), and basketball, but these are not the only sports you will find being played in the region.  Bullfighting in particular is one sport that many travelers will want to be on the lookout for.


You may also hear basketball called “el baloncesto” while you are in Cancun, but for the most part, locals call it “basketball” just as you would in the United States.  Cancun's basketball team is the Pioneros de Quintana Roo.  Their home stadium is the 5,000 seat Poliforum Cancun.  The basketball season runs from September to March.


The local baseball team in Cancun is the Tigres de Quintana Roo.  They play at the Beto Avila Stadium in downtown Cancun, and their seasons run from mid-March to the end of July.  107 games are played each season, which gives visitors more than enough opportunity to catch a game, of which tickets cost between 20 and 80 pesos. 


No matter when you visit Cancun, there is a possibility for you to watch a bullfight.  Each Wednesday afternoon at the Plaza de Toros Cancun is a regularly scheduled fight.  When big name bullfighters come in from Spain, these usually become special events known as “corridas,” and take place on weekend.


Mexican futbol, known to Americans as soccer, has two seasons in Mexico. The first season begins in the new year and runs through the summer, while the second begins in the summer and ends before the official start of winter.  Each season has its own playoffs.  There are four league divisions, and Cancun's local team is the Division 1 Atlante de Quitana Roo.  The football stadium is downtown, right next to the baseball stadium.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

Two sports in Cancun that are popular with both spectators and participants are windsurfing and kiteboarding.  Windsurfing, also known as sailboarding, is a combination of surfing and sailing as the participant rides atop a board that features a sail directed by the wind.  Kiteboarding, meanwhile, is slightly more extreme. 

Kiteboarders glide across the water aboard a kiteboard, which is similar to a surf or wakeboard while holding on to a kite which utilizes wind power to propell the user forward.  Kiteboarders are known for their acrobatics and tricks while on the water. 

If you are interested in trying kiteboarding, consider Ikarus Kiteboarding.  They are located at Isla Blanca, because it offers ideal conditions for learning to kiteboard safely and easily.  In addition to the school, they have a well-equipped shop, and even offer camping. They can be reached at info@kiteboardmexico.comor or by calling (+52) 984 803 34 90.

Several windsurfing and kiteboarding competitions are held in Cancun throughout the year, and the city even hosted the Windsurfing World Championships in 2011.  Many of the watersports shops rent windsurfing equipment and some offer guides who will show beginners how to enjoy the sport.

Other Sports

There are a number of other popular spectator sports that are both exhilarating and inspiring to watch. Tennis, golf, and sport fishing are all included in this list, and are a perfect example of sports where you can do more than just spectate.  After you've watched a tennis match, whispered through a PGA golf tour opener, and watched as some of Cancun's biggest catches are weighed in, visit our individual guides on each topic to learn how you can get in on the action during your vacation. 

Wrestling is another option, though this is one sport that it is recommended you sit out of.  Occasionally, big name wrestlers from around Mexico and the world will make an appearance at Cancun Plaza de Toros in downtown Cancun.  If you're in town during a match, don't miss the electric air that accompanies such an event.

Attending a sporting event is an addition to your Cancun vacation that the biggest sport fans don't want to miss.  Even those who aren't all that interested in sports may want to attend a bullfight to enjoy the cultural experience, and just do that they can say that they did.

Sports and Active Attractions
Name Type Location Island
2.02 Bowling Bowling Centers 7.5 mi. South East of Cancun --
Abbc Fishing Club Fishing Charters Punta Allen --
Aquaworld Tour Boat and Yacht Rentals and Charters 1.4 mi. South South East of Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres
Cap't Rick's Fishing Charters The vicinity of La Gloria --
CataMaya Boat and Yacht Rentals and Charters The vicinity of La Gloria --
Contoy Express Tour Boat and Yacht Rentals and Charters 2.0 mi. North West of Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres
Diving Dog Fishing Charters Villa Morelos --
Extreme Control Windsurfing 5.5 mi. South of Tulum --
Fishing Charters MX Fishing Charters The vicinity of La Gloria --
Hacienda Andalucia Horseback Riding 6.0 mi. South of Cancun --
Palometa Fishing Club Fishing Charters Punta Allen --
Snorkel Tour Coop Boat and Yacht Rentals and Charters Puerto Morelos --
Swiming Pools/Water Park Swimming Pools Valladolid --
Tabla Vela Windsurfing And Sailboat Rental Windsurfing 3.9 mi. East of Cancun --
Tequila Sunrise Fishing Charters The vicinity of La Gloria --

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